Conceptual Art

remnants words pic

As a handweaver, I spend hours manually manufacturing functional items. I do not generate much “loom waste” but what I do collect I make into conceptual art. This is one of those items. 

I believe we, as inhabitants of this earth, must change the way we think about what, how and why we produce things. That is why I make my Remnants pieces. The leftover threads and end-weaves are given new life and purpose while they also remind us of what would have been discarded as trash.

25% of the profit from each Remnants of a World Unraveling is donated to The Greta Thunberg Foundation. Every little bit helps. 

Please note: You will find that many of these Remnant works are packaged in horrible plastic holders. Why? (you should be asking!)  Well, I found a stash of these in old boxes in my studio and rather than toss them I figured I’d upcycle and use them until I run out. Feel free to reuse them yourself!

Remnants of a World Unraveling - loom waste

conscious pic
Travel Bottle
remnants card pic
Remnants Card
remnants crane pic
Remnants Wall Piece

Wall Pieces - machine sewn loom waste

wall art 1
wall art 2