Kitchen Cloths

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Function + beauty in your kitchen

Who doesn’t want a Kitchen Cloth that is highly absorbent and durable? Now add to that BEAUTY and you have the Kitchen Cloths that I produce. 

Those who are contemplating my towels talk about how they simply couldn’t imagine using them because they are too beautiful. 

Those who have purchased my towels say they can’t imagine using anything else ever again. 

The great thing about both of those sentiments is that I want you to feel the beauty of the cloth and appreciate it as the work of art that it is AND I want you to then get over the idea that beautiful objects should be treated with kid gloves. Bah! Use them and be happy you have beautiful things in your life!

Design: Every year I create a new design for my warp; the weft can be whatever colors I want but the warp design is the same. I date each cloth and after each year that design is retired. 

the finer details

Kitchen Cloths are 100% Cotton and come in sizes medium and large. Medium: 20” x 26”  Large 24” x 30” 

Price: Medium $40  Large $55

Kitchen Cloths are available in the Spring and Fall. I drop a batch and when they sell out that’s it until the next batch drops. I am not a production weaver and #weaving takes time.